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Towards Health & Prosperity… An Update on an Action Plan to Help Attract More Clinical Trials to Canada

On behalf of ACAHO, CIHR, and Rx&D, it is our pleasure to provide you with an   update on our progress since the 2011 Clinical Trials Summit last September. As   you know, the Summit resulted in the Action Plan entitled, “To Your Health &   Prosperity, an Action Plan to Help Attract More Clinical Trials to Canada”.      Today, less than a year from the release of the Action Plan, with thanks to activities   of many organizations and individuals, we are well into its implementation.      In this Communiqué, you will find updates on progress and next steps towards the   establishment of a program coordination capability for the action plan; studies on   the feasibility of common application and consent forms and strategic ethics   review issues; the pilot of the model clinical trial agreement; development of a   national asset map; and efforts to improve tax and intellectual property policy as   it pertains to clinical trials.      The progress made to advance the specific recommendations is not the only   progress made on the Action Plan. Our colleagues across the provinces have   allowed us to highlight some of their additional related activities in this update   and in an Addendum on the ACAHO and Rx&D websites. Most recently, the   Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology released   their report on clinical trials. Their report echoes many of the recommendations in   the Summit Action Plan.      It is important to recall that the Summit Action Plan is intended as a starting point   focussed on the near-term contributions that can be offered by the country’s   academic, health care, and research organizations, the national and provincial   bodies they work with, and Canada’s research-based pharmaceutical   companies. As progress is made, collaborative opportunities and next steps can   evolve.      We hope that what you read here will be useful and encouraging. If you have   questions or comments, contact information is enclosed. Finally, we look forward   to continuing this journey with you – and to the human, social, scientific and   economic benefits of more clinical trials for Canada. We thank you for your   continued support & leadership.


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