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The Elements of Success Conducting Cancer Clinical Trials A Guide

In June 2005, The Lewin Group, in partnership with Lovett-Collins Associates, was commissioned by C-Change™ to conduct a study to determine the cost and time expenditures of cancer clinical trials. The Lewin Group published these findings and elements of success for cancer clinical trials in a document titled, “A Guidance Document for Implementing Effective Cancer Clinical Trials, Version 1.2.

” http://www.c- changetogether.org/about_ndc/newsroom/default.asp 1
The following year, based on input from the Summit on Clinical Trials, C-Change and the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups commissioned The Lewin Group, again in partnership with Lovett-Collins Associates, to produce two targeted follow-up documents: a policy document that summarizes the current economic environment of cancer clinical trials for policy makers; and a web-based resource and guidance document on how to conduct clinical trials for use by clinical trial personnel.


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