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SOCRA Clinical Research Professional Certification

What About SOCRA Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course?

SOCRA offers a 1 day in-person Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course at various locations and dates in the U.S. and Canada. I had attended this course prior to my SOCRA CCRP exam in September 2013. Although the information presented on this course can be beneficial, and I would recommend this to anyone taking the exam, there are limitations to this course:
  • The cost for this preparation course is quiet considerable ($295 for SOCRA member, $370 for non-member). This is in addition to the cost of SOCRA membership ($75/yr) and the CCRP exam fee ($195).
  • The course is offered only a hand full of times per year in different locations. If you do not live near the location where the course will be held, traveling is involved. This means more costs for flight, hotel, car rental, and daily expenses.
  • The information is condensed into compact format in order to fit the 1 day time limit.
  • The information presented can be found from publicly available sources and is not a substitute to one’s own studying.
In my opinion, my own time in studying and taking notes from publicly available relevant information (various GCP trainings, CFR, ICH’s GCP, industry websites, etc.) and years of industry experience helped me much more. Another reason is that it was impossible for me to retain information from a 1 day compact course. It was useful for me to summarize key information from my own studying and absorb them at my own pace. If I were to attend this 1 day course without spending the time to study on my own prior to the exam, I would not have aced this exam or even passing it.

How ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide Can Help Save You Time and Sanity

Instead of trying to plow through countless FDA regulations, guidelines, and industry practices, imagine if there is a Study Guide that helps summarize all those materials in an easy to digest format in bullet points.  Imagine if you can click and search different topics in seconds. Imagine if you can browse through and learn the information at your own place in the comfort of your home. Imagine if there are tips and suggestions from someone in the industry who had gone through the exam and aced it with flying colors.

Imagine no more

Imagine no more. I have compiled the note I took when I was studying for the SOCRA CCRP exam in September 2013. I have named it “ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide” (ES stands for Ernie Sakchalathorn). From these notes, I was able to pass the SOCRA CCRP exam with a score of 96% (I answered 130 questions correctly out of 135 questions total, click HERE to see my score letter). Inside this Study Guide, there are:
  • 100+ Pages of Complete and Outlined Summaries of Materials for the SOCRA CCRP Exam
  • Sidebar Navigation Menu with Clickable & Expandable Links to Any Section
  • A Complete Bullet Outline of The Entire SOCRA CCRP Certification Process
  • Personal Tips From My Industry Experience Both As a CRC And a CRA
  • Updated to apply to new exam outline for exams to be held after June 1, 2014

Okay, so what’s the cost for this resource?

Well, how much is your time worth? How much are you willing to pay to not having to spend hours and hours searching through books and online resources or reading through documents such as Declaration of Helsinki, 21 CFR 312, or the ICH GCP from end to end? How much would you pay to get summarized information in easy to understand format plus inside tips from someone who took the exam who has years of industry experience? This Study Guide can save you precious time and may help you pass the exam and get the SOCRA CCRP certification you need.
If this resource existed back when I took the exam, I myself would pay $200 or more for it.  Your total investment cost for the ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide is Retail price: $195. On Sale 25% Off $145!  Limited Time 50% Off Offer $95!
Compare that to the cost of the SOCRA’s in person Clinical Research Professional Certification Preparation and GCP Review Course, which can be either $295 for SOCRA member or $370 for non-member + the cost of getting there (flight + hotel + daily expenses). With the ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide, you do not have to travel to get to the training course.  You simply study at the comfort of your home at your own pace!  Below are some more benefits of ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide:
  • Instant Download! No More Waiting For Days For Your Guide!
  • No More Lugging Around A Thick Reference Book!
  • Electronic Format Saves Trees!
  • Easier to use. Easier to understand. Easier to Pass the exam!
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Money Back Guarantee

You have 7 calendar days (more than enough time to browse through the entire Study Guide) to see if “ES’ SOCRA CCRP Study Guide” will help you pass the exam or not. If you ever feel that it has no absolute value and will not help you in your preparation, I will issue you a full, NO HASSLE refund for your investment. There is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

To Get Started

It’s easy to get started. Just click the button below, select and enter payment information, and an email will be sent to your email address. In it will contain a link to download the book onto your computer. It’s that simple

Still Not Convinced? Want to see what it looks like inside? See the preview and read the first charpter (21 pages out of 106 total) below

Click here to read a sample chapter (21 out of 106 pages total)

I’m Ready to Start Studying

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you the best of luck on the exam.


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