“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”

Overview of the pharma Industry In Canada

Careers in the pharmaceutical industry

 Typical Medical Department in Pharmaceutical Company

other Departments and offices in a pharmaceutical company
1- Office of President
2-Marketing Department – Strategy , product launch
3-Clinical (control)  Organization – Manage relationships with CROs
4-Government Affairs – Strategy , drugs approved.Patent, on OHIP, Hospital pharmacopoeias
5-Manufacturing department – Manufacturing the drug
6-Finance Department – budget Payments
7- Legal Department – handles, reviews all contract With principle investigator and CRO

 Employment Positions in Pharma company ( not CRO)

1- CRA——————————————————-$ 50.000 – $ 60.000 +
2- PM ——————————————————- $ 60.000 – $ 150.000
3- Medical Science liaison —————————— $ 100.000 – $ 200.000
4- Scientific Director, Medical advisor ————— $ 200.000 +

Clinical Research Associates & Project Managers

 Comparison between CRA and PM

Medical Science Liaisons & Scientific Directors

Preparing for the job interview

The first 100 days on the job

 presenter janice Albert (PhD Student, McGill (previously Senior Manager, Medical Affairs)
1-PhD Student – Experimental Surgery McGill University  – Present (4 years 6 months)


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