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Clinical Trials in Your Practice… free e- learning course from NCI

National Cancer Institute 
Format: eLearning 
Length: 2.25 hours
Cost: Free
Description: Targeted towards new clinical trials investigators, this web-based course covers initial site preparation, site logistics, the site research team and the recruitment process.
Course Objectives:
With this course, you will be able to explain the value of including NCI-sponsored clinical trials in your practice, as well as describe the steps involved.

Well review:
         The benefits and responsibilities of conducting NCI-sponsored clinical trials at your practice,
         Preparing your site for trials, which involves finding a suitable research group as well as registration and credentialing,
         Choosing an appropriate trial for your practice,
         Establishing a research team,
         Recruiting and enrolling participants, and
         Ensuring data integrity. 
After every module, youll have the opportunity to test what youve learned by taking a brief quiz.


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